Do you procrasticlean?

Definition: procrasticlean (sourced from Urban Dictionary)

To clean and/or organize as a coping method (procrastination) to doing work. 

Cris: Did you finish that paper?
Karl: I was going to... but instead I stayed up all night procrasticleaning! 


Do you find that your house is cleanest when there’s something important you must do but you don’t want to do it? Perhaps you’re meant to pay the bills, write up a report for work, maybe you’re meant to be studying  - you’ll get to it but first it’s very important that you reorganize the pantry and clean the old silverware!

If you find that you’re a procrasti-cleaner, it’s not always a bad thing – I mean, your house does look lovely and clean, and it does help to have a clear and clean environment to help focus your mind for the task at hand – but you’re not giving yourself time for the things you need to do. This probably stresses you out too.


Here are some tips to get your important work done sooner:

  • Set a specific time in your diary to do your important work
  • Set a specific time in your diary for cleaning (perhaps set different areas of the house for different days so the whole place gets a clean)
  • Stick to your diarized schedule
  • Allow yourself little breaks if your important work will take a long time – perhaps have a cup of tea as a treat, or put a load of washing on so you’re ticking off other tasks too.
  • Keep Ha-Ra gloves handy so that if/when you are distracted by a mess you can quickly and easily resolve it. (Using hanging hooks on the back of doors is a great way to store your gloves and cloths.)
  • If you’re adamant about cleaning before working then take your favourite Ha-Ra glove and clean everything you can with it in one go (rinsing in between of course), then switch to your next glove – perhaps a polishing cloth to follow-up everything you’ve just cleaned for a nice shiny finish.


By following this organized system and using Ha-Ra you’ll find everything is cleaned up much faster, leaving you more time to do the things you have to (whether that’s a good thing or not is up to you).


If you really don’t want to do the ‘have to work’ then perhaps offer you’re cleaning services to your friends’ houses if you’ve cleaned all you can in your own home – I’m sure they’ll love it!

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