Crumbed Duck with Grand Marnier sauce and potato-parsnip mash and snow peas - from "The Chefs' Line" participant & home cook Léon

Can the passion of a home cook beat the skills of a professional? Our Ha-Ra® Managing Director Léon and participant of SBS show "The Chefs' Line" will share his delicious recipes with you. Did you miss him on TV? You can watch the show online via this link:

Serves: 4 
Preparation time: 1 hour
Cooking time: 1 hour
Level of difficulty: medium

2 Duck breast
4 fresh sage leaves
1 Orange (butter)
3 Egg whites (keep the yolks)
100gr Hazelnuts crushed
2 duck legs/bones one carcase would be best NO FAT for stock
1 bunch Dutch carrots
1 Celery stork
1 leek
1 onion (brown)
4 potatoes
1 Parsnip (nutmeg)
Fresh snow piece (good quality)
250gr Butter (duck skin croutons)
300ml thickened Cream
50ml Grand Marnier
use the yolks
Pepper, salt, nutmeg
Chicken bouillon block

Preheat oven 180°C.
Preheat Sous Vide 56°C

Remove the skin of the duck breast (and legs/carcase)

Chop duck legs/bones, fry in butter, with chopped onion, carrots, celery stork and leek. Add orange with juice and top up with little bit of water bring to the boil and simmer for approx. one hour, strain and use the broth for the sauce, discard the solids. Reduce the broth if needed, add ¼ cup of cream, season with salt, pepper and chicken bouillon block and add 25ml Grand Marnier, bind with egg yolks (au bain Mary)

Place the peppered Duck breast with sage and a slice of orange in a plastic bag in the sous vide for 30-45 minutes depending how thick the breasts are. Cut the skin in 7mm by 7mm and fry until crispy, drain fat from time to time and season with salt only. PREP: Peel potatoes and parsnip and mash with patatoe masher (RICER), season with salt, pepper and nutmeg, pipe mash on a non stick oven tray. TIMING: Grill in oven till crispy for approx. 10 minutes. PREP: Peel the snow piece place in a saucepan and season with lemon/butter juice, pepper and salt. TIMING: Cook on stove for approx. 5 minutes. PREP: Take Duck from Sous Vide let set and dry the breasts. Season with (pepper and) salt roll in (slightly loosened) egg white and crumb with hazelnut crumbs. TIMING: Fry the crumb duck till slightly golden brown give some time for resting 5+ minutes. DON’T OVERCOOK.

Place the sauce in the centre (lower end of the plate) and the halved duck breast on the higher end of the plate (not touching the sauce), potato-parsnip on one side and the snow piece (toped with the crispy duck skin) on the other side. Serve with small jar of extra sauce.

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