Creating the bathroom kit

The Bathroom Kit, made up of the Natura Glove, Ultra Glove, Star Polish Cloth and Rollfix Protective Formula, has been specifically prepared to clean all surfaces of the bathroom and beyond ensuring a safe and hygienic space. From the fibre makeup to the shape and size of the gloves, every aspect of bathroom cleaning has been considered in the creation of the pack making it easier and more effective for you.

The Natura and Ultra products were the first set of fibre cleaning products to ever be invented and they had a patent on them for over 25 years before any copies or look-alikes could come on the market.

The pale blue side of the Ultra Glove was the first of the micro fibres; millions of fine fibres were affixed into a knitted fabric making a micro fine scrubbing action to get into the smallest indentations and surfaces such glass, mirrors, shower screens and benches.

Following the success of the pale blue fibre the inventors searched for other home cleaning problems that they could solve with fibre technology. They realised that a stronger fibre was needed to conquer tougher jobs such as greasy, heavy build up or rough surfaces while maintaining the integrity of the cloth/glove – so they developed micro fibres affixed in a strong woven fabric that scrub and bring grime to the surface. Pairing the pale blue micro fibre and the strong fibre to cover most cleaning requirements, the double-sided Ultra Glove was born.

To complete the cleaning regime an absorbent fabric was required to remove any grime that had been lifted to the surface by the Ultra Glove. Hence the Natura Glove was developed – part cotton, part synthetic fibre that absorbs dirt and moisture into the fabric.

To achieve a shiny, streak-free and watermark-free finish to plumbing fixtures, and glass etc., the Star Polishing Cloth was invented. This cloth is perfect for finishing off all cleaning or for polishing as it leaves all surfaces looking brand new.   

Many cleaning systems on the market do not allow for drying surfaces, but this is an extremely important step in the cleaning process. If you don’t have totally clean, dry surface bacteria can grow. Grime and moisture is food for bacteria, if you leave a wet surface it can attract grime and become a breading ground for bacteria. If you remove the grime and dry the surface then there is nothing for bacteria to live off and you are left with a hygienic surface.

The final piece of the Bathroom Kit is the Rollfix Protective Formula. This PH neutral, natural and biodegradable product was developed to enhance the effectiveness of Ha-Ra® fibre cleaning products while protecting the cleaned surfaces as well as your skin. It can be used in place of detergents if there is a particularly stubborn stain, but is also perfect for cleaning up and maintaining the glove and cloth fibres.

List of Applications.

Although the bathroom kit was specifically created to tackle the cleaning needs of grimy and wet bathrooms, the products within the kit can also be washed and used for other areas of your house making it a great value investment.

What does it clean?

  • Shower walls and recesses
  • Mirrors
  • Baths, basins and splash backs
  • Grout
  • Toilets
  • Kitchen benches
  • Stove tops
  • Range hoods
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Removes grease on tops of cupboards
  • Marks and build up on timber cupboards
  • Laminated bench tops
  • Stainless steel sinks and under the sink
  • Remove mould in rubbers of the fridge
  • Clean fat out of screen doors in the kitchen
  • Refrigerators
  • Inside and outside of cars e.g. bumper bars, removal of insects squashed on glass, duco, wheel trims and interior
  • Great for cleaning up spills on the upholstery in the car
  • Stains on carpets
  • Bird dropping off almost all areas even railing glass
  • Bat droppings
  • Calcium and sun block build up around the water line of a pool
  • BBQ and outdoor area
  • Marks on walls (replaces sugar soap for prepping walls)
  • Total damp dust in the home.
  • Light grease on ceiling fans
  • Mould off walls as well as finger marks
  • Mould in cornices in bathrooms
  • Old dirt and grime behind the fridge
  • Grease off textile furniture
  • Blood stains
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