Colds, flues and cleaning

With winter upon us many will be rugging up and staying indoors to keep warm and hopefully avoid the terrible flu! However, did you know that being indoors is what gets people sick?  It’s stuffy with not much natural air circulating, old dusty clothes and blankets come out and those that are infected with endemic diseases (like colds and flus) pass them onto others cooped up in the same space very quickly. This is why we see more illnesses in winter than any other seasons – the indoor factor.


Obviously we can’t banish everyone with the flu out of our homes but what you can do to protect yourself and those around you is to maintain a clean and hygienic home space by following these tips:


  • Keep some fresh, natural air circulating
  • Wash and naturally dry your winter bedding and clothing before you wear it to reduce the dust and allergy symptoms
  • Limit the use of your clothes dryer to keep dust down and allergies at bay
  • Dust regularly with the Yellow Glove
  • Wipe down benchtops and common surfaces regularly with your microfiber cloths and water, think of places sick people might touch like door handles, light switches, appliances
  • Wash plates, cups and utensils thoroughly and put some Protective Formula in with your water to help battle the bacteria
  • Empty bins regularly so you don’t have snotty tissues hanging around, then give your bins a clean/wipe down before replacing the bag again


If you do get sick be sure to rest up, eat healthy meals and take care of yourself!

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