Cleaning without vinegar

A friend asked me recently what motivated me to start using and promoting Ha-Ra all those years ago. As a former theater nurse I understood the negative effects of cleaning agents and wanted my children to grow up in a chemical-free home.


Before the modern-day sprays and aerosols we only used a bucket of water and some laundry soap to wash clothes and floors. No bleaches, no softeners, no washing powder or disinfectants, just good old fashioned scrubbing using soap, water and old rags.

Then in the 50’s some of the chemicals used to kill people in wars, such as chlorine, found their way into cleaning products.  We were then brainwashed about how easy it is to clean: a squirt and the job is done. The big breakthrough in this market was ‘Swipe’, I remember a door-to-door salesman selling my mum on the farm boxes of the stuff. But all these cleaning agents actually build up streaks on surfaces and smears on windows.


So 19 years ago I discovered the pioneer in microfibre cleaning systems: I started educating Australians about fibre cleaning and encouraging them to throw out all those poisoned ‘magic’ potions that lurk around the home. 


But even now the public is not convinced that fibres and water alone will do the job. We ran a competition on green cleaning tips, and so many people still believe they need vinegar for a ‘green‘ clean.  In fact using vinegar or lemon juice on surfaces such as marble or limestone can actually stain or even pit the stone.  


The latest trend is disinfecting everything: actually most cleaning agents kill the bacteria but do not remove them, whereas microfibre cleaning, using only water, removes the bacteria and leaves behind only a dry, clean surface. And no chemical residue!

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