Cleaning with pets

If you’ve got indoor pets like cats, dogs or guinea pigs you’ll have experienced the frustration of mess, hair and smells from your furry bundle of joy.


Sometimes it can feel like you need to vacuum your floors and bath your pet everyday, but obviously this is not going to happen in a busy household. With the weather cooling down you might find that your pets are spending more time indoors and the likelihood of unpleasant odours and messes on the rise.  So Ha-Ra has some top tips to keep your pet clean, fresh and pampered, and your home hair- and smell-free:

  • Give your pet a Ha-Ra clean without the mess! Pour one bottle of the Ha-Ra pet care solution into the 500ml spray bottle and then fill with water. Spray this onto the light-coloured side of the Ha-Ra Pet Care Glove and wipe over your pet’s coat making sure you thoroughly rub down all the fur – like a little pet massage! Then, turn the glove over and use it like a brush. This takes the grease off and removes the dirt from your pets' fur and leaves them smelling nice. It also removes any excess hair that otherwise would have shed and been left around the house and on your furniture.
  • Wash your pet cleaning gloves. If your glove is only slightly dirty, just rinse it out in warm clean water. If your pet was really dirty and now your glove is really soiled simply throw it is the washing machine with Ha-Ra Saponella.
  • Collect pet hair on the ground and from around the house. Use the Dry Yellow Glove and Dry Yellow Floor Pad to collect loose hair that your pet sheds. This static-charged fibre attracts hair and dust and removes it from surfaces rather than spreading it around or making it airborne. Use the glove and the pad dry and simply wipe the areas covered in pet hair – keep these handy so you can quickly wip around the house with them to maintain a dust and hair-free home.
  • Tackle stains ASAP! If your furry friend likes to bring in dirty toys or leaves you a brown, warm ‘surprise’ on the ground you might have some stains on the carpet or furniture. Put some Ha-Ra Protective Formula on the affected area, leave it for a minute or two then wipe off with a damp Green Glove.


Above all, don’t forget to give your pet some love and attention, play some games and have fun with them! This will be a great bonding activity and may also reduce their desire to muck up and get dirty or naughty.

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