Cleaning chemicals in breast milk

"Studies show human breast milk is contaminated with more than 100 industrial chemicals. These chemicals come from household products like flame-retardant upholstery, dry cleaned clothing, and even common cleaning agents." I don't believe it! Well, actually I do believe it. WHAT are we doing?? More importantly, what are we going to do about it? "Chlorine, ammonia, and petroleum based cleaning products leave fumes and residues in the home that are absorbed by our bodies. These chemicals leave residues and fumes that penetrate our skin, are inhaled indoors and out, or are ingested. Our bodies act as reservoirs for these substances because of the way some chemicals attach themselves to fatty tissues. This can lead to the build up of dangerous concentrations which eventually work their way into mother's milk when the body calls on fat supplies during lactation." Commit to doing something about the build up of chemicals in your home. Simplify your cleaning system, rid your home and family of harmful products. For the complete article visit the Healthy Home website.

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