Chemicals & Food

by Chris Hartman

I’m no scientist or nutritionist, just a genuinely concerned member of the public taking care to only surround myself and nourish myself with the healthiest, safest and most positive options available. So what I pose here is merely a question – does anyone else find it odd or concerning that people take issue with pesticides and chemicals used in food production (for good reason), but as far as I know don’t seem to be phased by placing and preparing food on a bench sprayed and wiped down with chemicals?

I feel we are only focussing on one part of the issue: what goes on the food, and not understanding the danger of what the food goes on. 


When trying to lead a chemical-free, organic life the efforts must be placed on all facets of life. From making decisions on food types and sources, to how we wash our clothes and linen, how we wash our dishes and what we wipe down our surfaces with.


I feel the biggest problem here is education. Not many people know that there are numerous dangerous chemicals present in most family homes that are used on a daily basis unnecessarily, and are poisoning the inhabitants of those homes. All Ha-Ra customers know that you don’t need chemicals AT ALL to thoroughly clean your home, but for most of the remaining population this thought hasn’t crossed their mind. How do we help share this important message with more people?


Like I said, I’m not a scientist or nutritionist and don’t wish to be, but I’ve done some desktop research to try to find answers to my queries and further develop my theories. In a simple google search I compared the results I got for typing in “chemicals kitchen cleaning” and “chemicals food”. 


The results I got for the first search query were:





These are, for the most part, positively geared results trying to sell me chemicals that will help me ‘clean’ my home. Nothing on the first page of results highlighted any issue or negative viewpoint.


On the other hand when I searched “chemicals food” the majority of search results reflected negative opinions, research and/or warnings. I don’t find anything wrong with this result for the food query, but I am concerned about society’s acceptance of cleaning chemicals. Clearly my research is not comprehensive or representative of all Australians’ opinions but I feel that it does show a general trend of thinking towards these two topics and I feel more needs to be done to draw people into considering an alternative for chemical cleaning before it’s too late.






If you actively search for problems with chemical cleaning, sure you’re going to find information. But what about those who haven’t even considered there’s a problem, how will they ever find out? I am determined to make this message heard because it is for everyone’s benefit that they are exposed to less chemicals, and the environment in turn will benefit.


Will you help me share this message? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.






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