Chemical free parenting

Raising Healthy Children in a Toxic World "Chemical Free parenting is about conscious parenting. Because we initially make the choices about what our children consume, how they are washed, what they sleep in, what medications and drugs, if any, we recommend, and where they spend most of their time, we need to know about these chemicals and be able to identify them. Chemical Free Kids: Raising healthy children in a Toxic World , is a community program and book about these chemicals and the impact on the bodies and health of our kids - how they get into their bodies, the health and behavioural problems they cause, why kids are particularly exposed to chemicals and what we, as a society, industry, and parents, can do about it." The website provides plenty of insight and you can also purchase the book. The decisions you make as a parent as to what you do and don't subject your children to is really tough. What we at Ha-Ra offer you is the first step to creating a chemical free home for your children. Don't feel daunted by change... just take the first small step and work on heading in the right direction. A chemical free future is yours for the taking.

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