Chemical-Free & Commercial Office Cleaning Tips with Ha-Ra

The Ha-Ra® microfibre cleaning system eliminates the use of over 98% of cleaning agents and collects the build-up and residue from surfaces, absorbing the grime into the fabric rather than smearing it around. Ha-Ra® fibres are long lasting, with specially designed patented woven fibres that have been proven and tested not to drop lint nor leave residue, thus preventing bacterial growth. 


Mach 6 Glove (large areas), Dish Cloth (small areas) & Star Polishing Cloth: this is a general cleaning system which can be used on

  • All surfaces that are not totally contaminated with food
  • On cupboards inside & out
  • Bench tops & Ledges
  • Range hood
  • Marks on tiles & walls

Wet the blue fleck side of the glove and roll the Rollfix twice over the glove (this is contains a plant-based pH neutral detergent required for degreasing of surfaces in conjunction with the microfibres). Dry off using the Star Polishing Cloth


    1. Sapphire Cloth: use like a dish cloth to collect crumbs and wipe over small areas and appliances. Wet the cloth and wring it with the fibres rolled in on the inside so excess water is squeezed out through the weave.  
    2. Viva Ultra Cloth: use like a scourer to remove fat and grease from
    • stove top & oven
    • plastic containers
    • pots & pans 
    • bowls
    • paint pots
    • sink

Follow on with the damp Sapphire Cloth to dry the area.


  • Glass: wet the 32cm Window Cleaner, roll the Rollfix on twice and clean window with the microfibre. Then remove excess water with the blade, drying the blade with the Star Polishing Cloth at the end of each swipe.
  • Screens & runners: if the tracks are filled with sand or debris, first use the vacuum to clean thee tracks out. Wet the Green Glove and wring it out. Wipe in a circular motion with light pressure.
  • To remove mould around window frames and ledges use the Green Glove.


    1. Cleaning dry: use the Perfect Floor System Handle (42.5cm) with the dry Yellow Floorpad to collect dust and crumbs. Use the dry Yellow Floorpad in an S motion and pull all the excess dirt into a pile and sweep up with a dust pan and brush.
    2. Cleaning wet: use the Perfect Floor System Handle (42.5cm) with the Hedgehog Gold Floorpad
    • Fill the Press Butler Squeeze bucket to over half full. 
    • Drop the white and blue flecked floor pad into the bucket.
    • Lift the handle and drop the wet floor pad into the press and squeeze out lightly. 
    • The clip on the metal floor handle must be pushed down and snapped into two to enable the floor piece to slip into the pockets of the floor pad at the side.
    • To wet mop the floors rotate the floor pad in an S motion allowing the fibres to glide one way to collect the sand and dirt.
    • After every 3mx3 section of the floor, remove the floor pad and dunk back into the squeeze bucket which will release any dirt back into the water.
    • Repeat until the total floor has been washed. The principle is the dirtier the floor the wetter the floor pad needs to be.



Mach 6 Glove or Ultra Glove & Star Polishing Cloth: this is a general cleaning system which can be used on

  • All surfaces including
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Pigeon holes
  • Cupboards

Wet the blue fleck side of the glove and roll the Rollfix twice over the blue fleck side of the glove (this contains a plant-based pH neutral detergent required for degreasing of surfaces in conjunction with the microfibres). Dry off using the Star Polishing Cloth.

To remove crayon and glue: use the Viva Ultra Cloth with some Blue Paste, then follow over with the Mach 6 Glove to remove the paste.

The Viva Ultra Cloth is also suited to clean keyboards and as an all purpose scourer for small areas. Alternatively the Sapphire Cloth also removes any form of build up.


TO CLEAN THE SHOWER AND ANY RECESS: use the Hedgehog prickly Glove to scrub the recess and the shower area. This will loosen and absorb moist residue into the glove’s fabric. Rinse the glove in between each area. This also applies to

  • window ledges 
  • around the down pipe of toilets 
  • hand wash basins 
  • in front of the toilets 

If the plug holes build up residue use the Viva Ultra Cloth to get into the plug hole and behind taps.

We recommend always clean the cleaner area before the dirtier areas. E.g. window ledges and partitions in toilet blocks would be less contaminated than the shower recess and toilet bowls.


  • Flush the toilet to remove any mobile faeces and urine
  • Should the toilet bowl be stained after flushing use the toilet brush to remove the excess residue. If this is not sufficient use the pH neutral Protective Formula:  one drop on the toilet brush and the faeces will be dissolved.
  • Use the Viva Ultra Cloth and wet it, then roll the rollfix on to the cloth and wipe all around the toilet bowl and seat.

If smell persists, take a bucket of water and splash over the whole toilet. This will remove any urine that is sitting under the toilet seat. Wipe down with an old rag to dry off and place this rag into the washing machine. If the smell persists then urine is sitting around the toilet and the seat will require removing and washing.

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