Care & Maintenance Instructions for a long life of your Ha-Ra Fibres


• Washing your Ha-Ra fibres could’t be simpler. Shake out dirt and dust and wash them in the washing machine.
• Click here to follow Bindy's Video instructions for Dry Yellow Fibres and very greasy fibres
• Never leave soaking in water over night (this will harbour bacteria). 
• Rinse after use and hang to dry. 
• Rinse excess grime and fat after use before washing in washing machine.
• Wash below 40 degrees C. 
• Washing your fibres inside a pillow case will prevent the fibres from matting or sticking to other items in your wash. 
• We recommend using the hypo-allergenic Ha-Ra Saponella natural washing powder which has no traces of bleach and will prolong the life of the fibres.
• Should you use washing powder with bleach and perfume the fibres will perish in a shorter life expectation. 
• Do NOT use fabric softener.
• Do NOT place in the dryer.
• Hang out to air dry.

If used and cared for correctly, your Ha-Ra® products will enable you to clean better and faster than a professional clean while protecting the environment, over and over for years to come. Any use of chemicals, fabric softeners or any other products with the Ha-Ra® products will void the 3-part-guarantee. Ha-Ra® does not cover general wear and tear of the products or incorrect use. If claims arise, Ha-Ra® will lab test the product to identify the cause of the issue prior to issuing a replacement or refund.

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