Brilliant, brilliant polishing cloth

Snapped!  Jo drying off an air conditioning unit with the Brilliant Polishing Cloth after damp dusting the outside of the unit. 


The Brilliant Polishing Cloth has a myriad of uses, as do most Ha-Ra products, but this one I love for its ability to shine up a mirror and remove finger prints with absolute use.


A key to successful cleaning is to dry off surfaces once cleaned, thus discouraging bacteria back to the surface.  This cloth is perfect for exactly that job.



Surface Application Used for drying off surfaces after using other cloths, for lightly stained surfaces, finger prints on glass and mirrors, water spots on cutlery, polishing of crystal glass interior of car windows, mirrors etc.



Information For Use

Lightly dampen and wipe in an s-shape over the surface, if surface is already wet dampening is not required.



Care Instructions

Simply wash in the washing machine. NOTE: do NOT use fabric softener, wash below 40 degrees C


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