Bindy the Cleaning Guru explains Ha-Ra's chemical-free Kitchen Cleaning Kit

The Kitchen Kit contains all the products you need to maintain a clean and hygienic kitchen or kitchenette. It banishes all chemicals from the place where food is stored and meals are prepared. It combines five hard-wearing cloths, which wash, scrub, clean and polish.

The Mach 6 Glove is a great all-rounder suitable for cleaning smooth surfaces like two-pack and cupboards in the convenience of a glove. The glove is highly absorbent, so you will easily remove any dirt and bacteria. You can use the Viva Ultra Cloth as a scorer for especially stubborn stains. The Sapphire Cloth is ideal to clean bench tops as it collects small crumbs easily. After cleaning, dry off the surfaces with the Star Polishing Cloth. 

And because it might be your first Ha-Ra Kit we gift you a small Rollfix bottle of our natural & ph-neutral detergent called Protective Formula FOR FREE.  

chemical free kitchen kit




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