Australian Laboratories proof Ha-Ra's effectiveness

During the cleaning process, millions of hair-like fibres work to loosen the most stubborn of dirt and grease particles, simultaneously collecting the particles with an advanced capillary action delivering a germ-free clean. This results are proven by independent Australian Laboratories Bernard-Heath-Associates and Medvet Science.

No matter your cleaning problem - Ha-Ra® has the answer!

Ha-Ra® fibres greatly improve any cleaning task, are environmentally-friendly and guaranteed to last for years. By using Ha-Ra® chemical-free fibre technology you can achieve a clean and hygienic environment that cares for your health, your wallet and the environment. Ha-Ra® offers various options for Window Cleaning, Floor Cleaning, Bathroom Maintanance, Kitchen Cleaning - without the hassle of expensive Steam Cleaners, Chemicals or Rubber Gloves. 

Explore the best cleaning product on Australia's market and watch this video. 

We generated an overview with videos and product links to help you with the following issues: 

- How to clean Showerscreens
- How to clean Windows 
- How to clean Kitchens 
- How to clean Bathrooms 
- How to clean Timber Floors 
- How to clean Tile Floors 
- How to use the Best Chemical Free Cleaning System
- How to clean your Car 
- How to replace bleach
- How to clean fish tanks 
- How to remove stains on upholstery 
- How clean Caesar stone 
- How to clean Granite Bench Tops 
- How to clean mirrors
- How to clean grass stains 
- How to clean toys without chemicals
- How to clean coffee machines without chemicals 
- How to clean bins 
- How to clean car windscreens 
- How to clean car wheels 
- How to clean Stainless Steel 
- How to get rid of mould without chemicals
- How to clean an air conditioner
- How to clean cloudy glasses 
- How to clean fingerprints 
- How to clean toilets without chemicals
- How to clean your Bathroom without chemicals
- How to clean delicate floors




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