A revolutionary body care program

That’s the promise of the Ha-Ra Dunja Raab Body and Skin Care Program. Your skin will be supple, smooth and refreshed. Natural beauty care is so important today because every day our skin is exposed to the damaging effects of the environment.

Using our DRC skin care products, your skin will be treated with essential skin care substances during both the cleansing and moisturising process.

The specially designed fibres of the DRC products increase the cleansing effect and make removal of environmental pollutants and dead skin cells so easy.  

They also stimulate circulation of the blood, therefore they can be used as an aid in the treatment of conditions such as acne, psoriasis and cellulite.

The DRC gloves are suitable for the face and for all problem areas, such as cleavage, thighs and bottom.  The skin will become smoother and softer!

The DRB fibres cleanse the skin, improving the function of the sebaceous glands and circulation of the blood – hence your skin will become more beautiful and supple.

Used in combination with the DRC Mild Washing Lotion and the nourishing DRC Face and Body Lotion, you will have a body care programme which can be described as revolutionary.


The Mild Washing Lotion from the Dunja Raab Collection is based on an extremely gentle combination of raw materials often used in baby care products, which are known for their outstanding dermatological characteristics.  In addition, the lotion contains moisture stabilisers made from starch (wheat and corn).  Due to pure essential oils extracted from citrus fruit, the lotion has a fresh, but discreet fragrance.  Furthermore, Indian medicinal plant extracts, whose effects have been known for more than 2000 years, are used.

You should always use the Mild Washing Lotion in combination with the DRC® Fibres, as they complement each other.  Mild Washing Lotion can be used in the wash-basin, in the bath, in the shower and as a mild everyday shampoo.  The Mild Washing Lotion is also available in an economical 1 litre refill container.  The convenient DRC® Dispenser is especially useful for travelling and for easy application.


The DRC® Face and Body Lotion has been specifically formulated to nourish the skin after cleansing and to protect it from dehydration.  Extracts of the calendula flower dissolved in soybean oil increase the circulation of the blood and have an anti-inflammatory effect.  They accelerate regeneration of the skin and provide the skin with nourishing oils.

The DRC® Face and Body Lotion is suitable for all skin types and meets all the requirements of a modern body care programme.  You only need a small amount of this day and night lotion.


The DRC® Body and Face Gloves have an exceptional cleansing effect on the skin, due to a special material consisting of millions of fine fibres. Used in conjunction with the Mild Washing Lotion, the fibres cleanse the skin, removing dead skin cells gently and easily.  The gloves also improve the function of the sebaceous glands and circulation of the blood, making your skin more beautiful and supple.  In addition to its great cleansing performance, the body glove can also be used as a massage glove in the bath or shower.  When you start using the gloves, skin impurities may initially increase, however this is only temporary and should not discourage you from using the product. We recommend using the glove as a massage glove once your skin has become used to the fibre, usually a few days after the initial use. If you use the glove too frequently, skin irritation may develop.


In addition to the Gloves, you can purchase the DRC® Backy, a handy bathing aid that enables you to easily reach your back.  The elderly, in particular, will find the Backy very useful.


DRC® Sun Protection Ultragel, with the patented lipo system complex, is the most advanced form of sun protection.  The UVA and UVB filters built into the liposomes attach themselves to the connection tissue of your skin, and give a sun protection which is absolutely water resistant.  An additional physical filter provides even more protection during exposure to the sun.

The base is a gel free of emulsifiers, fats and perfumes.  It can therefore be used by people with sensitive skins or suffering from allergies, especially those that are sun related.


The DRC® Lip Care contains highly refined oils derived from raw plant material, precious jojoba oil, refined beeswax and carnauba wax, to protect and care for your lips.   The formula does not contain mineral oils, perfumes or preservatives.  Vanillin, extracted from raw plant material, gives DRC® Lip Care a discreet fragrance.  The formula has been dermatologically  tested and is rated SPF6.  Not tested on animals.


The DRC® Lemon Hand Balm is suitable for all skin types.  It is especially useful in caring for your hands after cleansing and to protect your skin from dehydration.  Lemon Hand Balm effectively protects your hands and will replace body oil and moisture lost through every day living and exposure to a harsh climate.  It keeps the skin supple and smooth, and leaves it with a pleasant, refreshing feeling.

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