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Cleaning your doors and security screens of cobwebs, dust and dirt is really quick and simple with the chemical-free Ha-Ra Green Glove. The professional team at Front2Back Screens supplies this high-quality Glove in Townsville.
Refill Not Landfill - For almost 50 years we have been known for our sustainable quality, innovation and a life in harmony with nature. ​Here's how our new campaign aims to stop plastic bottles going into landfill.
We believe that in a country as big as Australia, we have to adapt our marketing structure, to allow a network of distributors. We are pleased to introduce Colin Dakers with Eco Cleaning Systems in New South Wales as our new distributor.
Your windows & glass areas will not only sparkle, they will stay cleaner for longer. Clean your Windows and Glass easy and quick with the professional Ha-Ra Window Cleaning System.
Did you know? Ha-Ra® was invented in Germany by a man named Mr. Hans Raab, who was a professional cleaner in the 1970’s disgusted with the limitations and hazards of cleaning systems and products available at the time.
Ha-Ra’s “Multi Purpose Cleaning Kit” is specifically designed to clean your entire home or business without any chemicals. How so? It comes with all our bestsellers since 1970! Talk about clever!
We ditched the plastic bags, but why wouldn't we eliminate cleaning chemicals? Right! There is simply too much money tied up in chemical cleaning contracts and their manufacturers.
Believe it or not, Ha-Ra has not only gained popularity with the ladies over the past 45 years, it’s also high in demand with the lads.
Cleaning is one of the inevitable facts of life and we all know that we’d rather be doing something else. But have you ever wondered why you feel so much better after you’ve cleaned without chemicals?
Our lucky long-term customers have been able to explore the Quality of Ha-Ra for over 45 years!
That’s a good enough reason for us to celebrate the outstanding chemical-free cleaning quality with a giveaway this August.

Ever wondered how to get rid of the annoying watermarks on your shower screens, clean the floor tiles streak-free without chemicals or remove dust and dirt from your Security Screens in less than 10 minutes? Now, is your chance! Book a Spring Clean Party with Ha-Ra and receive a $75 gift pack as a host plus 10% back of the party purchase value in product.
What is the easiest way to keep your home clean? Avoiding to bring in dirt & dust into the house, in the first place! The Ha-Ra Door Mats clean and dry footwear as they enter your house to reduce the amount of dirt brought in as well as capture pet hair and grime.
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