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Atherton is a world leader in infection control products for the hospital, medical and scientific industries and has been using the unique fibre cleaning technology to clean sterilizers, medical equipment and cabinets for many years.
The iconic Underground Motel in Coober Pedy has been using Ha-Ra® successfully for many years. Ha-Ra® is not just environmentally friendly and cost-effective as part of the booming EcoTourism - it is predominantly safe for guest and employees.
Tony Osman and his team pride themselves on exceptional quality and efficiency and deliver value beyond their clients’ expectations. To make a difference in the (still) chemical-dominated cleaning industry, they have added Ha-Ra to their cleaning equipment - providing a chemical-free and environmentally-friendly technology to stand out from the competition.
Cleaning your floors, blinds and shutters of dust and dirt is really quick and simple with the chemical-free Ha-Ra Cleaning Technology. The professional team at Solomons Noosaville supply this high-quality range in Noosa.
With a property range in value from $400k to $6 million Aspire Property Management and their clients are in safe hands with the help of Ha-Ra to maintain properties and increase their yields with the right equipment and cleaning care.
Chemical-Free Cleaning Positions available. We require a team of cleaners for the busy holiday period for ongoing cleaning contracts for a property management business in Noosa.
Cleaning your doors and security screens of cobwebs, dust and dirt is really quick and simple with the chemical-free Ha-Ra Green Glove. The professional team at Front2Back Screens supplies this high-quality Glove in Townsville.
Refill Not Landfill - For almost 50 years we have been known for our sustainable quality, innovation and a life in harmony with nature. ​Here's how our new campaign aims to stop plastic bottles going into landfill.
We believe that in a country as big as Australia, we have to adapt our marketing structure, to allow a network of distributors. We are pleased to introduce Colin Dakers with Eco Cleaning Systems in New South Wales as our new distributor.
Your windows & glass areas will not only sparkle, they will stay cleaner for longer. Clean your Windows and Glass easy and quick with the professional Ha-Ra Window Cleaning System.
Did you know? Ha-Ra® was invented in Germany by a man named Mr. Hans Raab, who was a professional cleaner in the 1970’s disgusted with the limitations and hazards of cleaning systems and products available at the time.
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