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How to have a sustainable BBQ

It’s the time of year where your weekends are filled with camp fires and backyard bbq's, but with all of that fun comes quite a bit of waste. How often are you eating a burger off a throwaway plate or sipping a drink out of a plastic cup? Here are a few things to consider when it comes to your BBQ.
We would like to invite you to a cleaning workshop to show you how to safe money and time for your cleaning tasks. We will also answer all your questions when it comes to the latest hygiene standards.
Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, top hygiene standards and cleaning routines are now more important than ever. What's part of our "new normal" when it comes to cleaning commercially and domestically?
We believe that in a country as big as Australia, we have to adapt our marketing structure, to allow a network of distributors. We are pleased to introduce Alicia Hafza with Loulou & Monz in Sydney as our new distributor in New South Wales.
Mother's Day is one of the special days that creeps up very quickly and gifts for mum can be tricky to shop for. Fear not: A sparkling clean home accompanied by a relaxing home-spa session will make Mother's Day 2020 unforgettable.
Our fibre cleaning cloths remove food particles, grime and bacteria in one easy step. And there’s no nasty odours, or aggravating fumes. All you need is a set of five special Ha-Ra cloths with water and that’s it.
Our specially woven fibre cloths make cleaning the bathroom easy and fast. Work without harsh, smelly detergents or abrasives. All you need are two gloves, a polishing cloth and water to pristine clean all your bathroom surfaces. And that’s it.
Tackle the interior and exterior of your car with a bucket of water and our chemical-free Starter Kit. We deliver our flagship right to your doorstep!
The Australian Psychological Society is recommending trying to keep your mind busy with activities you enjoy such as reading, watching movies, exercising and even cleaning the house.
Stuck at home? Now is the time to get cleaning! Which area will you tackle first? Download our checklist and explore our Cleaning Kits. We deliver right to your doorstep!
For 50 years we have been known for our sustainable quality, product innovations and a life in harmony with nature. Not even times like these can stop our team from cleaning and working in isolation.
To keep up with the current demand of cleaning supplies and give people an opportunity to work from home, we have express-launched an Online Agent program that can be fully operated from home.
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