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Shopping can be expensive and exhausting. Never fear! We are here with a round-up of the best natural and chemical-free products. Grab a cuppa, sit back on your couch, browse and shop for yourself, best mate, family or furry-friend.
We believe that in a country as big as Australia, we have to adapt our marketing structure, to allow a network of distributors. We are pleased to introduce Ana Vujacic with Stay Clean Service in Mandurah as our new distributor in Western Australia.
The latest trend is disinfecting everything: actually most cleaning agents kill the bacteria but do not remove them, whereas microfibre cleaning, using only water, removes the bacteria and leaves behind only a dry, clean surface. And no chemical residue!
Childcare Centres can meet National Quality Cleaning Standards without using toxic chemicals. As defined in ‘Staying Healthy in Child Care’, cleaning is the removing of infectious agents and matters by washing or scrubbing, followed by rinsing and drying, as germs are unable to multiply on clean, dry surfaces.
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Atherton is a world leader in infection control products for the hospital, medical and scientific industries and has been using the unique fibre cleaning technology to clean sterilizers, medical equipment and cabinets for many years.