The iconic Underground Motel in Coober Pedy has been using Ha-Ra® successfully for many years. Ha-Ra® is not just environmentally friendly and cost-effective as part of the booming EcoTourism - it is predominantly safe for guest and employees.
Tony Osman and his team pride themselves on exceptional quality and efficiency and deliver value beyond their clients’ expectations. To make a difference in the (still) chemical-dominated cleaning industry, they have added Ha-Ra to their cleaning equipment - providing a chemical-free and environmentally-friendly technology to stand out from the competition.
Cleaning your floors, blinds and shutters of dust and dirt is really quick and simple with the chemical-free Ha-Ra Cleaning Technology. The professional team at Solomons Noosaville supply this high-quality range in Noosa.
With a property range in value from $400k to $6 million Aspire Property Management and their clients are in safe hands with the help of Ha-Ra to maintain properties and increase their yields with the right equipment and cleaning care.
Chemical-Free Cleaning Positions available. We require a team of cleaners for the busy holiday period for ongoing cleaning contracts for a property management business in Noosa.
Cleaning your doors and security screens of cobwebs, dust and dirt is really quick and simple with the chemical-free Ha-Ra Green Glove. The professional team at Front2Back Screens supplies this high-quality Glove in Townsville.
Refill Not Landfill - For almost 50 years we have been known for our sustainable quality, innovation and a life in harmony with nature. ​Here's how our new campaign aims to stop plastic bottles going into landfill.