If you have large areas to clean or arthritis in your hands, it's not easy to wring your floor pads with your hands. Let the Ha-Ra Pressbutler Squeeze Bucket do this job for you so they contain the right amount of water for the best cleaning results.
Your Ha-Ra gloves, cloths and floor pads are made using the latest cleaning fibre technology. By following the tips below and caring for them properly they will love you back and last for years!
Ha-Ra® founder Hans Raab, started researching environmentally friendly cleaning alternatives already 40 (!!!) years ago in Germany, in response to the health problems among employees of his cleaning business.
It's International Women's Day! We thought it would be fitting to thank our Power-Women Bindy. She has been representing Ha-Ra® and her family business in Australia for over 25 years. A strong independent women following her dreams becoming the importer for Ha-Ra while educating people that there is no need for chemicals and supporting the community. She always says: "It was all about sinking or swimming. I believe I swam!" - So keep swimming and never give up!
Let's have a look what Bindy the Cleaning Guru say's about Ha-Ra's chemical-free Kitchen Kit. What is the best way of using this chemical-free cleaning kit and what exactly is included?
Ha-Ra is not only easy to use, it is also safe for the whole family without damaging your surfaces or appliances. Follow our video and the easy 5 step-by-step guide for pristine clean oven.