This is not just the perfect time for your Spring Clean but also to start an exciting business partnership with us! All our independent distributor positions for each state in Australia are now up for grabs. So, if you are based in NSW, VIC, ACT, SA, WA, NT, TAS or QLD and interested in the sorely distribution rights for your state - contact us directly to find out more!
OK. You might not want to actually eat off your floors, but why not get 'em that clean with natural, non-toxic cleaners? We only use the best and highest quality raw materials to create durable and long-lasting products. Every purchase in one of Ha-Ra's sustainable product stops another cheap plastic item from entering the environment. One small step for you, but one gigantic step for man kind!
Are you looking for the best chemical free and natural cleaning tips for your kitchen? Sure, a chemical-packed cleaning agent might cut through a tough grease stain, but is it leaving toxic residue behind? On the other hand, mixing DIY baking soda and vinegar cleaning cocktails can often end in disappointing results. With Ha-Ra you opt in for household cleaners that actually work - commercially and domestically.
Our All Purpose Kit is specifically designed to clean your entire house or business without any chemicals. How so? It comes with all our bestsellers since 1970! Talk about clever! Buy a kit today and don't worry about cleaning supplies for months to come! Bathroom, Kitchen, Grout or Windows? You name it! And it will perform it's magic!