We’re guessing your old man doesn’t need another meaningless present, which is precisely why we went about making the ultimate Ha-Ra Father’s Day gift selection — 3 items he’ll actually enjoy every day no matter if he likes camping, fishing or active sport!
With the professional Ha-Ra Glass Cleaning Kit your windows will not only sparkle, they will stay cleaner for longer.
Chemicals to clean windows can be expensive and may be harmful to children, pets, and the environment. However, you can make the windows in your home crystal clear without chemicals, unsightly streaks, or single-use paper towel waste. Follow these three easy steps without harming yourself or the environment.
The Kitchen Kit contains all the products you need to maintain a clean and hygienic kitchen or kitchenette. It banishes all chemicals from the place where food is stored and meals are prepared. It combines five hard-wearing cloths, which wash, scrub, clean and polish.
Chemical cleaning agents and toxic detergents are no longer required to provide a clean and safe environment. There are numerous alternatives available that not only protect you and your family’s health, they are also safe for the environment and CLEAN your home better.
Want a quick and chemical-free fix to clean your bathroom? Due to our 45 years experience, we have the advanced technology to create durable and long-lasting domestic & commercial cleaning products, which last for many years without disintegration.
From inhaling toxic fumes from under the sink, to being surrounded by all those detergents, dishwashing products or even walking down the isle in the super market, your body’s immune system is being constantly tested and weakened. What are the cost-saving and healthy alternatives?
New to chemical-free cleaning or just overwhelmed by all the different choices? We at Ha-Ra like to keep things simple. Start off with our Cleaning Starter Kit for only $142. This set will clean your Bathroom, Kitchen, Outdoor areas, Security Screens and Car in no time. The special fibres of the three different products attract dirt and dust like a magnet. Try it for yourself!