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We've got a few tricks up our sleeves not only to make laundry easier, not only to make clothes look cleaner and smell fresher, but also maybe to make laundry day a little bit fun & more natural.
Who has a real living room? Now it's all about a big space that includes a kitchen, dining and entertainment plus home office area. It's like someone took a studio apartment and dropped it into a house, right? So how can you fight dirty in your living room and detox the whole space?
Carpets can be health hazard hotspots, carpet can off-gas chemicals into the air and be a hiding spot for dust mites. Solution: go hardwood or tile, and where rugs are necessary choose natural or recycled.
It's International Day of the Girl! We thought it would be fitting to thank our Power-Girl Bindy. She has been representing Ha-Ra® and her family business in Australia for over 25 years. A strong independent women following her dreams becoming the importer for Ha-Ra while educating people that there is no need for chemicals and supporting the community. She always says: "It was all about sinking or swimming. I believe I swam!" - So keep swimming and never give up!
What if we told you the place you spend approximately one-third of your life is crawling with germs, bacteria and dust mites? Sadly, some of the nastiness is pretty unavoidable, but that doesn't mean a little cleaning can't hurt. These are the dirty truths about your nighttime sanctuary and how to try to rid them from your room.
Your body is not the only thing that needs a good detox once in a while. Most likely, the food industry holds your kitchen hostage. No doubt your cupboards and pantry are filled with ultra-processed fare. Detoxifying your kitchen allows you to escape these shackles and transform your kitchen to a place of wellness. A healthy kitchen provides the foundation for a healthy you.