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Easy back to school tips form Louise

Don’t the holidays just fly by! I can’t believe it’s nearly time for the kids to get back to school (is it wrong if I’m a little excited!) and for us all to fall back into a routine. I am actually looking forward to having a little more structure back in our lives after a few weeks of spontaneity.
If there’s one thing I like more than a product that works, it’s a product that works for a whole range of different things. If I can recycle and reuse something, again and again, for years to come then I’m a happy chappy.

Getting back to work

If, like me, you just had two weeks off for the Christmas holidays and are heading back to work now you might not be too excited about the idea of working again but the idea of a fresh start might be more appealing.

New year resolutions

Welcome to 2014, we are coining this the year of the green clean!