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Easy bond clean

I helped a friend clean a rental property over the weekend. Quick steps to an easy bond clean: start at the top and work your way down! After years in property management my friend said she always goes clock-wise in each room so she doesn’t overlook anything.

Mould can trigger asthma

With the cold setting in and the rain that won't go away, the moisture and dust lying around our homes make a lovely cocktail to grow mould spores.
So let's rug up and clean up for a healthy winter!

Say no to chemical cleaners

Connie Page is a well-known Medical Herbalist, Speaker and Writer who lives on the Sunshine Coast.

The clean air we breathe

Recent research indicates that numerous domestic products we use daily, from shampoos to laundry cleaners, contain hormone disruptors and chemical substances associated with asthma. Some of these components aren’t even mentioned on the labels.