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Crimsafe endorse Ha-Ra

"We were looking around for a cleaning product that complemented out Crimsafe Security Systems that was easy to use, reasonably priced and delivered a true cleaning solution. We finally found Ha-Ra.

A little tip for you

Water filters - If you want to be sure the tap water in your house is clean, try installing water filters on your faucets instead of buying bottled water - you'll save money over time and get better tasting water.
The Green Book that I mentioned a few weeks ago finally arrived from the US in to my mail box and what a great little read.

Stuck for what to buy for christmas?

Aside from Ha-Ra making fantastic gifts for those you love, who you know would dearly love to cut down the amount of time that they spend cleaning... there are ideas out there that you may not have thought of - especially if you think that things have gotten a bit too commercial and you don't want to play that game... or spend bucket loads of money.

From Wellness Magazine

Like deserts and Arctic wastes, tropical rainforests tend to inspire a feeling of awe in those who visit them. However, unlike these other sparse environments, the majestic forests girdling the Equator represent incredible concentrations of biodiversity, containing more than half of the world’s plant and animal species.

The magic window system

The Ha-Ra window cleaner is ingenious as it allows you to clean windows, mirrors, flat glazed stone bench tops and glass tables with ease.

Brilliant, brilliant polishing cloth

Snapped! Jo drying off an air conditioning unit with the Brilliant Polishing Cloth after damp dusting the outside of the unit.

A testimonial

"I thought you should know that Commerce Cleaning are more than satisfied with the range of Ha-Ra products."

The most fantastic floor system

Another great shot of a member of the Green Team. This time it is Leon in action with the yellow floor pad on stunning wooden floors.

On the job

Well, it was time to sneak out on to a work site and get some photos of the 'Green Team' at work. A builders' clean at Sunshine Beach was the perfect opportunity.

Another great blog

The following is a guest post from Mrs. Money who writes at the Ultimate Money Blog. She frequently shares tips on frugal living, how to live green and living a simpler life.

Go green

It is a pretty simple philosophy, it can just take some getting used to in your home. We have had ingrained in us for so long now that we just cannot get our homes clean without chemicals. Here is a facebook page that you can check out for Go Green!
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