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What you don't know can hurt you

Yet more research on just how chemicals are damaging your health and all those around you....

Very exciting!

Another great book has come to the fore. Highlighted tonight on the 7PM Project, Healthy Home, Healthy Family supports chemical free cleaning among other great ideas for a healthier home.

Carrot and walnut muffins

This is a great, healthy muffin recipe ideal for lunchboxes, from the book Muffin Mania from Anne T Clark, an absolute health guru. With no dairy, refined sugar or white flour it is the perfect alternative to those fatty, cakey muffins available everywhere. It's so easy... and it works! Enjoy.

Ha-Ra in Antarctica

Well, Ha-Ra is officially on the way to Antarctica, aboard the Aurora Australis. Once it reaches Davis Base, the wintering chef, Justin, will put it to the test in an attempt to make the base kitchen chemical free. Watch this space for updates as to the product's performance over the coming months.

Chemical free parenting

Just stumbled upon a website with an amazing Australian book that every parent could learn from. It's full of facts, advice and information. It is written by Dr Sarah Lantz, PhD and the title is... Chemical Free Kids.

10 steps to greener cleaning

This article features on the Readers Digest website and has ideas that we can all make the most of in our endeavour to become 'greener cleaners'.

Stewed apple & coconut cobbler