Plastic bags are banned in many states including Queensland and people finally start avoiding single-use items and opt in for reusable alternatives. Have you adapted to these changes when it comes to your cleaning choices? If you are still unsure where to start, in this article we have listed the top facts why our high-quality microfibre products support a healthier & greener planet.
When you plan your retirement would you be influenced in your choice of resort if you knew that they support chemical-free cleaning methods?
Who’s looking for a mopping system that really works and lasts for years?
Most of the chemicals in cleaners are extremely caustic and could cause your bacteria levels to drop dangerously. The best way to avoid damaging your septic tank is to use ph-neutral & environmentally-friendly Ha-Ra products.
A common misconception about cleaning products suggests that a higher pH level means superior cleaning. But this is not always the case. The pH of cleaning products does not relate to its cleaning performance or strength.
Cleaning with products made from microfibre technology is very different from cleaning with conventional products. Microfibres are finer fibres that penetrate surfaces at a finer level than normal fibres.
The first step into a childcare centre should leave you with a clean, healthy and welcoming impression, right? Health, Hygiene and the Environment should be first priority when it comes to cleaning a child care or early learning centre. At Ha-Ra we believe a clean dry surface is safer than any cleaning chemical.
The problem is that what most people believe about cleaning is that it is hard work and requires mountains of chemicals and detergents to do the job right. This is more the message of clever marketing companies dedicated to selling you more and more products usually comprised of harmful chemicals cocktails to do a job that is never done.
As a family-owned Australian business Ha-Ra® will always support businesses who are willing to go the next step towards chemical free cleaning.
Ha-Ra® would like to establish a network of people who are keen to promote a chemical-free & environmentally-friendly product range Australia wide to fellow travellers and Caravan parks.
Apple Cider Vinegar might have some impressive Benefits, but Cleaning is NOT one of them. Using vinegar to clean is still using a chemical compound and isn’t actually helping as it only provides one part of the cleaning process – the acid.
If there's one chore that seems to be dreaded above all others, we are pretty sure it would be cleaning blinds, awnings and shutters. Whether wood, faux wood, fabric, vinyl or aluminum most of us don't like cleaning the blinds! It's a time-consuming task and no one seems to be sure how to do it right.
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