The ideal Starter kit for chemical-free Cleaning

The Ha-Ra® Great Value Kit gives a new perspective to household cleaning. It’s easier, faster and a lot more fun. And all you have to do is just add water! The Ha-Ra® Great Value Kit combines various fibre cleaning products to give you a flexible Starter pack. It's great value and you will feel, see and smell the difference as the fibre cloths work around your home.

You’ll soon notice the difference because Ha-Ra® cleaning kits are chemical free. You can do away with smelly detergents and toxic agents to protect yourself and the environment. All you need to do is add water. You might like to add a few drops of our Protective formula to the water, which is pH neutral, to protect your hands and to act as a wetting agent. Ha-Ra® have a full range of cleaning kits for your bathroom, laundry, kitchen, floors, outdoors and almost any application. The results will amaze you.


Window Cleaner
The Window Cleaner is made from high grade materials with two working edges to clean and dry in one motion – one composed of fibres to clean and the other of long lasting rubber for drying. The Ha-Ra® Window Cleaner is designed to catch the water, so no messy drips land on your floor. Wet, but not soak the fibres, add two drops of protective formula directly on to the fibres. It cleans:
• Indoor and outdoor windows
• Sliding glass doors, shower screens
• Mirrors, walls, non-wooden tables, desks

Mach 6 Glove
This Glove is the latest Ha-Ra development and can be used as a general cleaner on almost any smooth surface. It's blue side loosens and removes dirt and the white soft side collects remaining grime and excess moisture. Use damp to clean:
• inside and outside vehicles
• mirror glass and shower screens
• kitchen cupboards and benches
• stainless steel and refrigerators
• marks on walls

Green Glove
The Green Glove is tough, used damp it does the heavy work of cleaning the worst grime, dirt and sand from:
• window frames, screens and entrance doors
• outdoor furniture, pergolas and statues
• natural stone tiles and smooth stone walls
• car wheels and hubca

Star Polishing Cloth
Use the Star Polishing Cloth for a shiny, streak free finish. It will shine your:
• mirrors, glass and cutlery, spectacles
• removes fingerprints and waterspots
• Finishes your car duco and window

Protective Formula Rollfix 
The PH neutral, natural and biodegradable Protective Formula has been developed to enhance the effectiveness of Ha-Ra® fibre cleaning products while protecting the cleaned surfaces as well as your skin. With Ha-Ra® you need only 2-5% of what you would use with other cleaning products, causing less stress on the environment than other leading cleaning products. The Rollfix is ideal to use in combination with the Window Cleaner. 


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